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Jazzy is adopted


Jazzy is a loyal, independent and affectionate girl who is looking for her new family.
Jazzy was adopted from Save Me Rescue 4 years ago and had been her parents best friend in an adult only home.  When the family started growing Jazzy was uncomfortable with her new human sibling and the difficult decision was made to find a new home for her.
Jazzy is looking for an adult only home where she can be the only pet.  She has a high prey drive so a home with cats is not ideal.  Jazzy would do fine in a home with older children as she has always done well with the older kids in her life.  Jazzy bonds very closely with her people and loves to be near her family.
Jazzy loves her people and wants to be the centre of attention.  Jazzy would be a great option for individuals that work full time because she does have an independent streak and does not mind being left alone during the work day. She also has excellent house manners, and is fully house trained.
Jazzy’s favorite past times include going for walks, hunting for squirrels and rolling in the snow.  Jazzy loves to be with her favorite people and will follow you all over the house, never wanted to be far from her favorite people while they are home.  She is a healthy girl and has been kept up to date on vetting for the last 4 years with no major medical needs.
Jazzy is eager and excited to start her new life and to begin bonding with her new family.