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Jax has been adopted!

Sponsored by Kindapets. At Kindapets, we are happy to support the good work of Amanda and her team at Save Me Dog Rescue. Rooting for our furry friends to find their forever homes soon!



Sweet, curious and gentle are the three words that describe this beautiful young beagle who was found on a highway in Tennessee. He is house trained and sleeps in a crate (I can’t say he loves his crate but he does go in quite easily). He is learning to walk on a leash and enjoys being outside.

He isn’t fond of soft toys but adores bones and antlers. He is a chewer so it’s a good idea to have lots of chew toys around to distract him from munching on tasty non-dog things like shoes and baseboards.

He is food motivated so this will come in handy when training begins – he doesn’t know any commands but we are working on “sit” at the moment.

He lives with 3 older dogs and a cat – he sniffs at the dogs but ignores the cat. He has 3 teenage human siblings who he interacts with nicely but he has not met any small children. Due to his gentle nature, I think he would be good with dog-savvy youngsters as long as they don’t mind if he jumps up to greet them.

Jax will make a great family pet and deserves a second chance at a better life!

Jax was lovingly fostered by Marcy