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Jax has been adopted!


Meet Jax, world class cuddler. He loves to cuddle up snug and if you try to move him before he’s finished his cuddle time, he will grunt and groan in the cutest of protests.

This little man is a low energy guy who enjoys being close with his people for snuggles and companionship. He is quiet in the home and would be suitable for any type of living space. He is house trained as well.

Jax would do ok with another dog, provided they are also low energy and keep to themselves. He doesn’t care to share his toys or food with other dogs and will bark, but so far has been easy to correct and redirect. He would love to be an only dog, but he would be ok with another antisocial lazy bones like him. He pays little attention to the foster home cat, but again, would probably be best with a cat that kept to himself as well.

While Jax is house trained, he really doesn’t care to be outside and would much rather have a car ride then take a walk somewhere. He enjoys looking out the window watching the world go by and loves to nap snuggled near you.

Jax would make a perfect companion for a low energy person who is home most of the time as he truly loves to be one with his person.

Jax was lovingly fostered by Jennifer