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Jax has been adopted!

Sponsored by Angela and Nora in honour of her sweet boy, Teddy



Jax is a happy go lucky guy.  He is very affectionate, when he can, he likes to be snuggled on a lap with his head pressed into your chest, receiving rubs and he has the softest cotton ball head ever with ears of silk. Everything he does is just so ridiculously cute, I am constantly smiling in his presence.
He immediately fit right into his new foster home, which includes two cat siblings and two dog siblings.  He is fully house trained and is able to be left out of a crate with full run of the main floor while everyone is at work during the day.
He currently goes for a morning and an evening walk and loves them!  He walks with a purpose, pulling a little for the first few minutes as he is just so excited to be out and about.  He tends to initially grump or bark at other dogs while on leash but responds quickly and well to correction, he does not carry on and is able to pass in close proximity.  We have not yet had to opportunity to meet other dogs on the walks but will be doing this in future.
His favorite toys are plush with squeakers and he will sit and play with them by himself.  He plays well with the other dogs, although he does typically come out on top, walking away with the toy. He has been quiet in and out of the house so far, not even barking at a knock on the front door.
Jax would be a good fit in just about any home (has not been child tested).  He is super chill, spending the majority of the evening snoozing on or beside a lap or just laying with his toys.  He has only been with us for a few days but already he is becoming a fan favorite!

Jax was lovingly fostered by Andrea