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Jasper has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of our Sweet Bear who never met a rescue who came through our door he didn’t love and treated as his brother or sister.




Hi I am Jasper, I am a playful outgoing boy and I like adventures. I like to chew on toys, they are my favourite, although if there are none around I am happy to chew on hands and feet as well, so it’s best to keep me busy with toys! I am the only boy in my litter so I have to put my sisters in their place every now and then but I am also a lap dog and like a quick cuddle before my next adventure! I LOVE food and will do anything for a treat which should make it easier for my new person or family to train me to be a good pet. I have been to the vet and was happy to greet all the new people there, they gave me liver treats so I did not even notice the pinch of the shot. My mom taught me how to behave respectfully with other dogs and my sisters have taught me how much fun it is to play with other dogs and my foster family is teaching me that people can be a lot of fun too! All this to say, I am ready to start my new life with a person or people who will give me the love and exercise I need, who will continue to train me to be a good boy, and who become my new family! My sisters are looking for new families too, so watch out for some news from them!