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Jasper has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ted Alexander in memory of dear friends Dody & Lorne Mitchell. Every dog deserves a second chance and a loving home.



Jasper came to his foster family in pretty rough shape. He had mange and open wounds on his body, he was underweight and terrified. Jasper now is a VERY playful young dog who loves to go for walks, he loves to play fetch and loves his people. Jasper does not know his size (50lbs) and can be unintentionally, a little rough with small dogs. Jasper may always have dry skin issues due to the mange he had as a puppy. Jaspers for is still a little patchy but with a continued healthy diet and some medicated bass his fur will come in beautifully. Jasper does get carsick but may overcome this as he’s only been in a car a few times. Jasper needs a home where he can be kept busy. Jasper has his own room that he’s kept in when his foster family is not home and he is not destructive at all. If Jasper could speak the only words he would say are “please play with me.” Jasper is currently on a food that is for sensitive skin. Jasper loves his treats and his toys, he can be destructive with stuffed animals. Jasper sleeps either on the floor at the foot of his foster parents bed or on the floor at the front door. He sleeps through the night with no issues Jasper only barks if his foster brothers and sisters are barking.

Do you think you could provide a home for Jasper with lots of activity and lots of stimulants for this energetic dog.

Jasper was lovingly fostered by Carey