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Jasper is adopt!

Jasper / Male / Treeing Walker Hound / 8 Months old / 24 pounds (still growing) / Adoption Fee is $425.00

Jasper pull fee has been sponsored on behalf of Odysseus and Penelope (hounds helping hounds).

Jasper is a sweet, lively, social guy who loves the company of his dog pals, his people, and even the cats (although, he may chase them a little too much for their liking!). He is bursting with puppy energy and curiosity, and wants to make new friends wherever he goes. Being the youngest guy in the house, he’s still figuring out who wants to play and who should be left alone, but he’s learning quickly and has already come a long way.

When we first met Jasper, he was pretty unsure of his surroundings. He’s growing more confident, but will still need some reassurance as he gets his puppy legs under him. While he’s very comfortable with adults, he is fearful of children, so he will be best suited for a home without kids. It will be very important for his furever home to remember that he’s still a puppy. He will need to learn the rules of the house (like what to chew and what not to chew, when he’s playing just a little too rough, not to take food off the counter, when it’s ok to jump up, and when it’s better to settle down). It will also take him some time to trust that he’s safe. He can get anxious when you leave the room, even with the other dogs around, but he’s getting better with each day that passes.

Jasper is looking for an adult-only house that will love him lots and will have the patience to teach him the right things as he grows up. He is well on his way to being house-trained, but will still need some help from his new family. He is active boy who loves to walk, run, and play and he is doing well on a leash. He loves car rides and often settles in for a long nap while you drive him around. Sometimes, he needs some coaxing to leave the house when it’s time for a walk, but he seems more confident if his furry foster brother walks with him and he is getting better when walked on his own. While he tolerates his crate overnight and during the workday, he would much rather be with you, so you will hear some crying as he settles in and he’ll let you know when he needs to be let out, but he’s already able to take longer periods of time in there without too much complaining.

This gentle, sweet boy is going to make his new family’s home full of love, laughs, and adventure!

For more information on Jasper, please contact his foster mom Erica at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!