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Save Me Remembers Lainey (formerly Janey)


We received the sad news that this beautiful girl passed earlier this month. Below is a wonderful tribute from her mom.

“Dear Save Me Rescue,

My dear, sweet girl Lainey – adopted January 6th 2017 and formerly known as Janey – passed away today.

She had a stubborn cough show up in August that was initially suspected to be kennel cough, but was revealed in an x-ray to be caused by a mass on her heart. It was decided then that she would be palliative and I was fully committed to making what remained of her life the very best. While I had hoped to have a few more months with her, that wasn’t to be. I woke up to her panting, her belly full and tight with a buildup of fluid…and I knew then that her little body couldn’t take anymore.

Lainey was a wonderful, bright and sassy little girl who was so very easy to love. She loved nap time, going for walks around the neighborhood in her stroller, and hopping through the garden at my parents’ house. I loved her so much, and I wish more than anything that I could have had a bit more time with her. Thank you so much for trusting me and letting me be her mom.

She’s got Hazel (Save Me alumni) and Orion (my senior cat who passed in June of this year) waiting for her across the rainbow bridge.

Thank you again for everything you do. Lainey wouldn’t have had the wonderful golden years she enjoyed if not for the chance you and her foster mom Kelly gave her – for that, I’m so very grateful.”