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Janey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle X, in loving memory of both her father and her sweet pup Tequila



Janey comes across as a bit shy when she first meets you. She takes everything in with her big, beautiful
brown eyes. It doesn’t take long for her to open up her large heart and offer you tail wags, licks and

She is fully house-trained and her cues to go outside are easy to pick up. She is also crate trained for the
car and overnight.

Curling up in her cozy bed is one of her favourite pastimes. Being around and close to humans is her
calling and ideally she is sitting or lying close to one whenever the opportunity arises. Janey also enjoys
her walks, patiently standing while her harness, her coat (in cold weather) and her leash are attached

Once we are outside she is a keen observer and will scan the area for possible animals/dogs in the
vicinity. She also has an excellent sense of hearing and smell. Janey doesn’t have a strong prey drive and
leaves the squirrels and birds alone. She has sniffed and said hello to other small dogs but seems a bit
more uncertain around larger dogs. Janey walks well on a leash on both the right and left side.

Janey loves to please and responds well to praise. She loves her treats too! She enjoys having a bit of
hot water mixed with her kibble for a brothy meal and will graze during the daytime. Bathing her is a
breeze in the sink or laundry tub. She doesn’t fuss or whine and enjoys brushing too. I find very little hair
from Janey when cleaning as she has very short hair. She has a few favourite toys that she likes to throw
about and shake a bit but is not aggressive around them or her food.

A versatile dog indeed! She would do well in a home with a fenced yard where she can burn off some
energy and have fun running around and where she is the main receiver of love and attention, to start

I can count the number of times Janey has barked in the last few weeks and it was to alert us to possible
danger (visitors at the door or workers outside). Doing a proper meet’n’greet with other critters who may
share space with her would help her feel relaxed and know all is well in her world so she can continue
playing with her toys or lounging in her bed or on your lap!

Janey is a healthy girl who suffered injuries which necessitated the amputation of the affected leg. She is recovering beautifully and adapting to life as a terrific tripod. It was also found that Janey had suffered some pelvic fractures which are continuing to remodel and heal. It is both the surgeon and the orthopaedic specialist’s opinion that these fractures should not have any implications for her. It was recommended that she have another x-ray 8 weeks post surgery. It would be preferred that this is done at the clinic where she had her surgery, in Kitchener, and the rescue would cover this. We also work with a few other clinics in Southern Ontario should Kitchener not be convenient. During her pre surgical work up it was discovered that Janey has a bullet in her remaining rear leg. This is of no concern and needs no intervention

Janey was lovingly fostered by Sue