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Jake has been adopted!

Sponsored by Linda D. Merry Christmas Jake, with love from Linda and her fur babies Keanu & Odin!!

This is Jake, a five year old lab (grey hound?)  cross.  Jake is a people dog.  He is a real love, an affection sponge.  He does not bark a lot, but does let you know when someone is at the door.  True to his lab ancestery, he loves to shadow his person.  He was a loved family pet who needs regular exercise, which the current family stage does not allow for, hence Jake is looking for a new loving home.
Jake loves hikes, swims, toys, and playing fetch with a chuck it.  Jake is house trained, kennel trained, loving, sweet, knows basic commands, he listens when told BAAA or then NO….  He is good with children and with dogs to whom he is properly introduced, but he would be fine as an only dog as people are his main focus in life.  He does not really want to play with the other dogs in his foster home.  He can be toy possessive.
He is not a dog for the dog park as he does react to new dogs.   It is said of greyhounds that they should be carefully introduced to small dogs and cats as these may seem like prey to them.  This is true of Jake.  However, now he is ignoring the small dog in his foster home.  Likely a cat free home is best, but he has not been cat tested.
Jake needs exercise, but like a greyhound, once he has had a good walk, or or play time, he is ready to lay down, in his kennel or beside his persons feet, even laying his head on their feet.  Also, Jake has learned to heel, so he is not as strong a puller as one might expect.

Lovingly fostered by Carole and Teresa