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Save Me Remembers Jake


The first time we met Jake he came right up to Logan and buried his head in him for snuggles and pets. He wasn’t at all afraid of Holly’s wheelchair and didn’t even want to leave when it was time for him to go back before his adoption was finalized. We were instantly putty in his old paws. Jake didn’t open his mouth except to eat for the first few months he was with us, but once he settled in and realized he was safe and loved in his forever home we were treated to his big smile and kibble breath. Jake was wilful and bossy in equal measures with his cuddly and loving side. He instantly decided that the only one allowed to love or help Holly was him and he was sure to reprimand Logan whenever this fact was ignored. As Jake came out of his shell, we were so blessed to be able to spend time with the most rambunctious, loving and adorable dog we will ever know. From how he would whack people with his nose to demand more pets (on occasion knocking over laptops or glasses off of people’s faces in his wake) to how he always knew precisely when it was breakfast and dinner time, there were a thousand little things that made Jake Jake and we will always remember and look back fondly on the precious time we were given with him. He always knew where he wanted to go on walks, which toys he wanted to throw in the air and catch, and that he always wanted to be on the bed with his mom so he knew she was safe and he could sleep soundly. We’ll miss his snores and very loud deaf boy barks — the world is a better place for having had Jake spreading his own brand of love and joy in it.