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Jaggar has been adopted!

Sponsored by Roz B. In honour of Lynne Aronson who is a rescuer extraordinaire.  It is always a privilege working with you.


This sweet boy is Jaggar! He is such a handsome young boy, with a beautiful black coat and white markings on his chest and paws. One look at his giant ears and glossy black eyes is enough to make your heart flutter. He is a small dog with a huge personality and a big voice.

He is a very sweet and affectionate boy, who just adores being the center of attention. He likes being close by at all times and will follow beside you everywhere you go. He does sometimes run under your feet when you aren’t expecting it, so you must be very mindful of that at all times. One of his favourite things to do is jump up into your arms or on your lap and shower you with kisses. He is so good at cuddling.

Jaggar is very dog friendly once he has had the chance to get to know them. He tends to warm up quicker to dogs who are around his size.

A home with cats or young children will not be a good fit for him. He has been very fearful of both of them, especially children. He will run away and hide from them.

He is a very high energy dog who loves to play and run. When running around he has the speed of a hummingbird. He loves tugging on rope toys and carrying bones around. He walks well on a leash and will need long walks daily to help release some of that energy. When we are out on walks Jaggar will bark at anyone and everything approaching us.

Jaggar will need someone willing to help him work on his potty training. He gives no indication of when he needs to go outside, and he will only go outside only if you go with him. Since he has gotten more comfortable in his foster home he has been doing an excellent job at going outside! He hasn’t had an accident in over a week.

He is currently being crated while we are away from the house for 4-5 hours at a time and doing excellent. All he needs is a treat and he’s happy to cuddle up in a warm blanket nestled in his crate. He has also been sleeping through the night in his crate with no issues. He will sometimes bark while he settles into his crate, and when he hears us come inside the house. Sometimes he will sit in the front window and bark at people walking by as well. An apartment/condo wouldn’t be ideal because of this.

Jaggar is also a very good travel buddy. He usually just curls up in a tiny ball and sleeps. But when he is awake and feeling curious he likes to stand tall and bark at people crossing the street. He likes to make his presence know!

Jaggar was lovingly fostered by Meagan