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Jade has been adopted.


​When a dog is named after a precious gemstone, we think it is a fair assumption that ​it is likely indicative of their regal qualities and shining light. Well Save Me Rescue’s Jade is no different! Aptly named, like a diamond ring or ruby necklace, Jade is gorgeous to look at, and should be highly sought after!

However, like a diamond in the rough, Jade’s life has not always been so luxurious. You see, Jade could often be found wandering the streets looking for food scraps just to stay alive. One day, her family dumped her outside of a shelter when they felt they had enough of taking care of her. Oddly enough, they returned on numerous occasions to visit their girl but opted to leave her in the care of shelter staff as opposed to taking her back home with them.

As usual, their loss is our gain as Jade has been a complete sweetheart in rescue and a pleasure to foster. A quiet girl, Jade is very laid back and easy to love. Though she is slightly timid, she has flourished in an indoor home scenario and has been opening up to her family members since her arrival roughly two weeks ago. While Jade is still shy, she has an immense trust of humans and we can see that she is eager to please the more she comes out of her shell. Truly, she is a gem who is still rough around the edges, but waiting to be polished into the best dog she can be.

Once she is comfortable, Jade is an extremely affectionate girl whose loyalty knows no bounds. Despite being left at the shelter by her family, her undoubtedly broken-heart has begun to mend itself with the help of her foster mom Cassandra, and the two are inseparable, much to Jade’s delight. Though she has claimed her spot on the couch for the past two weeks and is happy to curl up for hours on end, watching television and reading with her teenagers, Jade will take any opportunity to follow her foster mama around the house wherever she goes.

​In addition to the four humans in her home, Jade is currently living with three cats as well. Though she was not quite certain how to react to the little felines, Jade has only barked a handful of times from the comfort of her spot on the couch but has not yet made the choice to follow them in any capacity. She simply co-exists and is trying her best not to cause any commotion as we imagine she is very appreciative of her new home life. ​When all is said and done, Jade is very respectful of the cats and has been great with the other dogs she has met.

That said, we feel as though Jade would thrive in a home with another dog whose personality was as similar to hers as possible, calm, quiet and loving. A dog who runs, jumps and is eager to play may be overwhelming to Jade in large doses and we want to respect her progress so far. Jade has endured much upheaval recently so a peaceful environment and routine is key to her success. Of course, a low-key feline or two may also be of comfort to her.

At this time, Jade appears to be house-trained but like any other dog new to rescue, positive enforcement of this skill will be necessary. Near perfect already, we know that a family who is willing to commit the time to both training and nurturing our girl in equal amounts, will truly end up with a brilliant gem that they can proudly show off to all of her impending onlookers. Jade’s keen personality and intelligent nature will lend itself to such experiences and we think with a bit of basic obedience training Jade would make an excellent therapy dog!

Delicate in nature, we feel as though a downtown, bustling and hectic kind of environment may not help her grow in the way she needs to. However, with the right family, our girl is sure to exceed expectations. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, a walking companion, a cottage dog or a dog who will in turn help you feel worthy, loved and rescued then Jade is the girl for you.

​If you think that Jade is the dog you have been searching for, then pleasecontact her foster mom Cassandra, at​ for more information or apply on our website to be considered. Jade is currently up to date on all vaccinations, has been spayed and is available for adoption at the cost of $375 however any amount exceeding this total would be gladly accepted.

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!