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Jada has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Mayo. Love always Wes, Maggie, Bruce & Logan



Jada arrived into Canada on December 11. She is a beautiful playful dog who was rescued from Kentucky. Our entire family has very much enjoyed getting to know this happy girl. Jada appreciates everything that comes her way, she is not a fussy eater, loves treats, and plays with all stuffies. She adores going outside (a fenced in backyard would make her very happy), loves going for walks (walks very well on her leash), and loves to cuddle on our bed at night. She has had some bathroom accidents in the house but we are working on this and it is happening less frequent. (taking her outside often has helped). Jada gets along well with her two foster siblings (both smaller than her) and loves sniffing our two cats. She barks appropriately when someone is at the door, is friendly when meeting strangers, and is happy to “plunk” herself down on the carpet and chew a bone. She will willingly accept all kinds of hugs and kisses, and turns on her back for belly rubs. Jada is generally a calm dog but when encouraged will jump and play and chase toys to play with. She is extremely happy to greet us at the door when we have been out for a bit, and will gently jump up to get a hug, other than that she does not jump up on us. She has enjoyed our Christmas baking and is happy to clean up anything that has been dropped.
Jada is a great dog, who does love squirrels, and of course is a Montreal Canadiens fan.

Jada was lovingly fostered by Brenda