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Jackson has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ted Alexander in memory of dear friends Dody & Lorne Mitchell. Every dog deserves a second chance and a loving home.



Jackson is a relaxed 7 lb, senior Pomeranian. He is happiest cuddled in his humans arms or curled up in a soft bed. Jackson loves to be talked to, and rewards you with a wiggle and kisses. He shares his space happily with other dogs his size, matching their senior energy and interest.

Jackson moves about mapping out his space, he quickly gets to know where things are in the house; how to get to the water bowl, where the door outside is or his bed. Jackson’s new family will need to consider his safety in the home around staircases, doors, etc. He manages best in an uncluttered, calm environment that doesn’t change too often. He uses the fur on his face to sense when he comes up against an object, your ankles, etc. Jackson has excellent hearing and responds well to direction, he uses the sound of your voice to follow you about the house. Jackson is house trained but will need a consistent routine of outings as he settles into a new home. Jackson sleeps soundly at night on a dog bed on the floor beside the bed. He can become upset initially when left alone but he does settle.

Outdoors, Jackson loves to sniff and explore. He manages on a leash but only to follow his lead while he explores. Jackson needs a guardian to keep him safe outdoors, watch for steps or objects in his path that pose a danger. He’s best to be carried up and down stairs. Jackson loves a fully fenced yard where he can wonder and explore safely.

Sweet Jackson went straight to the veterinarian right after Save Me committed to him. His blood work showed an elevated liver enzyme and on the advice of the doctor we delayed his neuter and started him on Denmarin for one month. We were very happy to see his liver enzyme come down to a completely normal level and Jackson sailed through his neuter. As we had no history on Jackson, we do not know what caused this spike. We have kept him on the medication, which does support liver function, and continued use is something Jackson’s new family should discuss with their veterinarian.

Jackson has mature cataracts but still does have some vision. His eye pressures are normal and there are no signs of any other issues. Jackson does not let his impaired vision hinder his enjoyment of life.
Jackson does have a heart murmur which is more pronounced on the right side. At this time, Jackson does not show any clinical signs of heart disease. It will be important for his family to keep an eye on any changes such as a cough, or exercise intolerance. Occasionally counting Jackson’s respiratory rate when he is in a deep sleep is also helpful in assessing any possible changes in his heart health. Like all dogs, Jackson will benefit from being kept at a healthy weight and avoiding high sodium food and treats.

Jackson recently had a dental with a few extractions and has been microchipped. He is ready to begin his happy life with a forever family.