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Jack has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jill M. in honour of little JuneBug’s second adoption anniversary. Happy Gotcha Day June Bug!!

Click here to see Jack playing with his toy.

Jack is a sweet and affectionate young chihuahua. He’s happy and playful and curious, but also shy and cautious at times. He gets along really well with other dogs and seems to have no issues with the cat in the foster home. His foster mom suspects that he would become playful with the cat as he gets comfortable, so a dog friendly cat would be good.

First impressions, he appears to be house trained and doesn’t seem to mind being crated (which is good as he’s a curious young pup who is likely to get into things while his family is out of the home). He plays gently with his foster parents, loves stuffed bones and chew toys. He’s curious and eager to please and loves to be praised.

He seems a little nervous when you initially reach for him, so an adopter would need to encourage him to come to them with positive reinforcement. He was an owner surrender, we don’t not know the circumstance, however he does have a nervous shy side which could be due to his history or just his nature and all the changes in his short life. The slower you move towards him and the more you encourage him, the faster he comes out of his shell. He seems to have no issues with kids, but is nervous of them reaching towards as well. So a home with kids would be great, as he is playful and will need the exercise, but they would need to be kids that can understand that he needs some space as he adjusts to his new home.

He’s an ideal size, small but not tiny. He’s has the softest fur and the cutest ears! One is brown and the other is speckled. He has the most remarkable little black eyes that almost soul search when she sits and stares up to you.

He’s not a huge eater and seems to be more comfortable eating with you in the room. He does not have any aggression with food or toys, he’s willing to share.