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Jack is adopted!

Jack / Male / Shepherd Mix (best guess) / 45 pounds / 2 years old

Jack’s pull fee was sponsored by Anita F.


Jack is the sweetest 2 year old, shepherd mix you could ever meet! His breed makeup is anyone’s guess, he has shepherd colouring but wiry terrier type fur and a blue tongue! He is one very unique guy!

Before coming into rescue Jack had lived his life on a chain. Jack was in rough shape and was suffering from demodectic mange which had been left untreated for most of his life. He spent 6 weeks in foster care in Ohio healing up before travelling to Canada. Thanks to the wonderful care he received, his hair has almost all grown in and his skin has healed beautifully.

Jack is one of the most well natured dogs I have ever met. He is instantly best friends with everyone he meets and gets along famously with other dogs and cats. He would do well in a home with another dog or as an only pet as long as someone is home for at least a portion of the day. He is a velcro dog and doesn’t like his people out of his sight.

He is crate trained and house trained and would be a wonderful dog for a first time dog owner. He still needs a bit of work on leash as he likes to be so close to you he tends to get under your feet, but besides being a tripping hazard he is a joy to walk. Although very well natured he has clearly never had the opportunity to be take for obedience classes, so preference will be given to a home who is planning on taking him for training, it will be beneficial to him but also a wonderful bonding experience for him and his new owner.

Although based on his temperament I’m sure he would be wonderful in a home with kids, a home with older kids is recommended due to the fact that he still does jump up when excited and may knock over a small child. I would also not recommend him for a condo as he does cry very loudly when he is first left alone, he does settle with time but due to this trait he would not be ideal for a condo/apartment environment.

Jack is a super special dog and although he has only been with us a short time we have all fallen in love with him! I really can’t imagine a household he would not fit into seamlessly.