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Jack is a Beautiful Lab cross, and typical of the Labrador Breed, is easy to train due to a giving personality!  He will become one of your family members overnight with unwavering loyalty.  He is intelligent and needs constant stimulation, so an active lifestyle with lots of learning opportunities will keep him growing and evolving into a superior companion dog!

Jack is a timid dog but doesn’t take long to warm up to you and doesn’t show a particular fear but just unsure of new surroundings.  He seems to explore and learn very quickly that the situation or person is safe and his friendly personality comes out within minutes.  He is very much a puppy, loves to run and play with other dogs though will look to you for approval and come running when he is called.

His propensity for chewing manifests itself when he’s bored.  A chew toy that’s durable and tasty will keep this little guy occupied so a big Kong toy filled with peanut butter is a must! He is not happy about being crated but the Kong helps to keep him occupied for hours.

He is working on being house trained and is doing really well!  He’s loves his food but needs to be with everyone else to eat or else he will leave it.  He is learning that people food is not for him but its so hard for him with all those amazing smells.  Watch your counters!

As he suffers from separation anxiety he will need to be crated until he feels you will not abandon him.  We are seeing progression towards acceptance of his crate at night, so we know he’s feeling more secure.

Jack has spent a big formative part of his first year in a shelter and is only just now learning basic training.  We are working on “positive reinforcement” training and he responds immediately to a high value treat or praise.  He is looking to you for approval so a lot of praise goes a long way with Jack.  His self-control is very good and he will wait for your signal that all is “a GO”.  He is learning to walk on leash and doing well and would be a great candidate at the dog park….his recall is good though he is very busy and there are so many things to see and explore!

Jack is learning about house rules and manners.  He wants to be a lap dog but is learning to stay down, both off the couch and bed.  He will curl up with you whenever he can and loves the attention.  His short coat is low maintenance with low shedding and is an easy keeper.  He is just learning to differentiate between HIS toys and shoes, slippers, remotes, cushions pillows etc.  Like most youngsters he needs to taste and discover!  He shows no toy or food aggression and shares with the other dogs.

What a wonderful family dog this gorgeous boy will be.  He shows patience and gentle behavior with young children and with continuing his basic training and ideally an active home he will flourish knowing that he has found his forever home.


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