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Jack is available for adoption

Sponsored in loving memory of my poodle Seamus (formerly Jacques).



Jack is an adorable 1-year-old male poodle cross with a charming, humorous personality and puppy energy that makes him best suited for an active family.

Jack is a bouncy one year old. He’s always ready for a game of fetch or a walk in the park, and once he gets to know you, his tail will wag with enthusiasm whenever he meets a familiar furry or human friend. He’s also a snuggly guy and loves a good cuddle on the couch (along with an ear scratch and a pet, of course!)

Jack has been making great strides in his training over the past several months. He is housetrained and will stand at the door to be let out. He knows how to sit (he sits beautifully for treats) and has great recall skills.

Jack will need patience and continued training to support leash walking and meeting new people and pets on leash. With continued training he will build confidence and focus on his people. He feels very safe with his foster mom now and he is able to greet new people without the anxiety.

Jack’s gorgeous curly coat will require regular brushing and grooming every few months to keep it from getting full of knots and/or turning him into a shaggy mop. An adopter will understand that there will be a cost to upkeep his coat.

Jack’s ideal home would have a yard to run, romp and play. He will require a fence for safety (he can jump quite high) and he would love to have another friendly dog in the house!

When Jack first arrived to us he had trouble eating and drinking which led to a diagnosis of Cricopharyngeal achalasia. After his diagnosis he had surgery to correct his issues. Jack did need a second surgery a number of months later to deal with some scar tissue. Jack’s eating and drinking has greatly improved and the veterinarian is very happy with his body condition and that he has been able to gain and maintain weight. Jack’s family will need to monitor him in the future and make sure his vet is aware of any changes in swallowing, should that occur. The specialists at OVC feel that Jack would not need any further surgeries. Because he was born with this condition, it has become part of his eating routine to cough up a piece or two of kibble then eat again. Should Jack have any future issues, the surgeon feels they will be manageable with finding the right food and feeding strategies. The foster home has found that three smaller meals day is easier for him to manage. Jack’s surgeon has been very clear that it is imperative that Jack never wears a collar or anything around his neck – but Jack loves his harness walks so it’s no bother to him!

Jack brings joy and laughter to the lives of all who meet him. With his fluffy coat, loving personality, and boundless energy, he’s the perfect companion for someone looking for a furry friend to share life’s adventures and cozy moments. With continued training and positive reinforcement, he will be your best friend and loyal companion.

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