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Ivy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Maureen N, in honour of her much loved rescue dog Miley

Dear Family

It’s me Ivy! I have had a really busy week and have been learning a lot about myself so foster mom and I am only getting around to writing to you now.

I have been learning to walk on a leash, do my business outside and meet lots of new people. I am a little nervous about new people at first but can make friends really quickly and love to say “hi” to the people I know when I am out for walks. I have also learned that I would like to be the only dog in my future home. I do not like to think about my past very much because it makes me sad, but I used to live in a house with 30 other dogs and did not get much attention. I am ok with other dogs on walks and outside but would like to have my people all to myself. I’m not a huge fan of sharing my people with cats either

I am an expert snuggler and my favorite place is on the couch with foster mom watching tv. Sometimes I like to gently rest my paw on top of her hand and will even give her hand a little squeeze. I know how to sit and usually come when she calls me. Even though my life has not been great so far, I am very trusting of foster mom and let her pick me up and always ask for belly rubs. I am still startled by strange noises in the home so a detached house may be best . When foster mom goes to work I get a special toy kong in my crate and nap until she comes home. Sometimes I cry because I miss her and am afraid that maybe she will not come back….but I am learning that she will always come back.

I am just learning how to play with toys and love to run around outside and act silly, I am not a high energy girl though and am happy to do whatever you are doing. When we are inside I normally just like to cuddle with foster mom or follow her around the house and help her with whatever she is doing. My favorite chore is cleaning up crumbs in the kitchen, I love to eat. Last night we went shopping at the pet store and that was so much fun!!!!!! I got to eat treats and foster mom let me pick some out to bring home.

I am not asking for much, just a nice human family who will give me all the love and attention I deserve and help me grow into the very best dog I can be. In return I will give you lots of cuddles and make you laugh with my silly antics. I hope that you find me soon, I have been thinking about you a lot and cannot wait to meet you.

Lots of Kisses