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Ivy has been adopted!


Ivy is a beautiful Nordic mix puppy. These dogs are often a mix of shepherd, husky, lab and other breeds. Ivy is the quieter of the two puppies. She is friendly and playful but is content to sit back and watch while her smaller sister checks everything out.
She is a pro snuggler who loves to curl up with her foster family for a good nap.  She often grumbles/snores when she is having a snooze which is absolutely adorable! She seems to be a laid back girl who doesn’t get too concerned about things.
She loves playing with her sister – except when Holly tries to drag her around by the tail!
It’s difficult to estimate the adult size of a mixed breed dog but Holly and Ivy don’t seem to be extremely large puppies.
Their ideal home would include an active family who wants to spend lots of time together and a fenced yard for play time.
Puppies need lots of love, attention and socialization. We are looking for homes where there will be someone available for at least part of the day – especially while the puppies are young.

Ivy was lovingly fostered by Tanya