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Ivy has been adopted!

Ivy has been sponsored by the Boyd family


This is Ivy, a gentle girl who has the most expressive big brown eyes, which convey exactly how she is feeling. Her eyes are indeed a window to her soul! She would make a delightful addition to the right family.

Ivy is an 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix, weighing 12 lbs. and in very good health. She is spayed and her immunizations are current for fleas and ticks and rabies. She is a good size and loves her meals and treats. For the most part she is house trained. There have only been a few accidents in the week she has been with me and they have not been her fault. She is not prone to barking in or out of the house. She is a cautious little girl until she gets to know you and any other canine or feline siblings. Once she does, which does not take long, she does her happy spin for you.

This calm, sweet, gentle girl comes to us from Hardin County Animal Shelter in Ohio, who rescued her from a puppy mill. Ivy was in the mill for 10 years, where she endured horrifying brutalities. This resulted in a severe mistrust and fear of men, as their handlers (too kind of a word) were usually males.

Ivy was adopted last October and went home with her new mom and dad. She immediately bonded with her mom; however, she grew increasingly fearful of her dad, leading to an aggressive behavior towards him, usually when they were alone. Since Ivy did not exhibit this behavior with their 2 grown sons, we speculate that something about dad, voice or beard or both, took Ivy back to her mill days. It was a heart-wrenching decision to give this sweet girl up.

Ivy currently lives with her foster mom, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She loves to be with her foster mom and strives to please. She gets along extremely well with everyone in the house. She loves to chase toys and chew them, run in the back yard and go for walks. She walks well with a harness and leash rather than collar and leash.

It didn’t take Ivy long to fit into our schedule. She loves her wake-up cuddles and tummy rubs, but then has to go out right away. She knows breakfast is next and does her happy spin – my little mill girl joins her with a happy dance! She goes for 2 walks, morning and evening. In between there is napping, playing and cuddles. Her stubby tail is usually always wagging.

This little girl is fearless and will check all rooms out carefully, including stairs. Caution is needed around stairs as she will attempt to jump the entire flight, whether the light is on or not. She is afraid of thunder and needs some extra attention during the storms.

Since we are not sure what the exact issue with her dad was, it would be best if she went to a home with only a mom. I have not seen how she interacts with children yet, but think older ones would be a better fit. Her forever home must have a fully fenced yard. It would be so good for Ivy to have a sibling, close to her size, she could model; but would also do well as the only dog, since she loves the attention. Cats are not an issue with Ivy. Ivy has been left alone for short periods, always with her foster siblings, with no issues.

Ivy has been a pure joy to foster and I know will bring the same to her forever family.



Ivy was lovingly fostered by Jackie.