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Iverson has been adopted!

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**Please note we are no longer accepting applications due to the overwhelming response received. This will allow our volunteers time to review applications received and respond to inquiries. Thanks.

Hello! I’m Iverson and I’m such a happy boy! I’m a six year old Yorkie-Bichon Frise mix. I’m about 12 pounds of sweet, snuggly, playful pup and I’m looking for my forever home. I’m kind and gentle and will become your most loyal friend if you’ll let me! Will you be the lucky one who gets to take me home?

Since coming to my foster home I have become quite comfortable here. At first I wasn’t feeling like eating but now I eat all my food. I only eat once a day, usually in the evening, but my foster mom leaves my food out all day in case I change my mind.

I love people and I really enjoy being with my foster family. Even my two (human) foster brothers (ages 8 and 10). They play with me and snuggle with me and I love being around them. My foster Mom thinks I’d be a great friend for children of any age since I’m very gentle and sweet.

I’m a pretty good listener and I usually come when I’m called. I can sit for treats and have very good manners, overall. I am fully housetrained and will go to the door when I need to go outside. I had one little piddle accident on my first day at my foster home but I wasn’t sure where the door was yet.

I love to play fetch with my favourite toy and I bring it back every time! I usually drop the toy just out of reach of my foster parents and I’m pretty sure they think it’s funny.

I don’t like human food but I really love treats! My foster Mom says I am very gentle when I take treats. I just like to make sure it’s actually for me!

I love to go on walks and I’ve got plenty of energy for long walks and hikes. I don’t pull on the leash at all! My foster parents say I’m such a good, little walker! Sometimes I do bark at other dogs while walking but it’s only because I want to say hi. Once I get to say hello I am polite, calm and happy.

My foster home has a nice big yard that I love to explore but I do chase and bark at the birds! Ideally my forever home will have a yard with a fence so I don’t get carried away when I’m chasing the birdies or squirrels.

In my forever home it would be best if there’s no more than one other calm, respectful dog as I can feel overwhelmed when there are too many other dogs. I’ve never met any cats but I think I could be friends with a friendly, well-mannered kitty. I don’t think it’s a good idea for there to be any small pets (rats, gerbils, bunnies, birds, etc.) since I do like to chase.

My new home should probably be a detached, single family home since I do like to bark to get my way if my people don’t respond to me fast enough! I also like to bark at dogs walking past the house. I wonder if they can hear me saying hi? My foster Mom says my bark is pretty loud for a tiny guy.

I have soft fur and I don’t shed very much at all! My foster parents have been very pleased about this and they let me snuggle on the couch. I enjoy being brushed and I don’t mind getting my paws wiped if they’re wet or dirty. My foster Mom trimmed the fur in front of my eyes and I was very patient and still. She even gave me a bath and I was very calm. She always tells me I’m such a good boy!

Overall I’m a very healthy boy, however, I do have cataracts. Right now that means I don’t see particularly well at night but during the day I don’t have any trouble at all! The vet says they may get worse over time which can also put me at an increased risk for glaucoma. Because of this I will eventually need eye drops to help prevent inflammation in my eyes. The eye drops are about $60 per bottle but one bottle will last many months.

In the evening I love to snuggle up on the couch and relax. Don’t we all!? If you rub my chest and belly I will fall asleep in your arms. My foster mom says she will miss my tiny snoring sounds.

At night I sleep on my foster parents’ bed and they said I’m a very sound sleeper! I’m most comfortable sleeping with them since I don’t see that well at night. I’m careful not to wake them during the night and I will even sleep in if you do!

I can’t wait to meet my new forever people because I just know we will be the best of friends.

Iverson was lovingly fostered by Jennifer