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Indy has been adopted!

Indy is sponsored by Katrina and Dan G.

Indy is a very gentle soul.  I call her a Holstein Beagle as she has the markings of a Holstein cow and the dark rimmed, sensitive eyes of a beagle. She can still be a little timid and shy but has come a long way since her arrival and continues to get more confident each day.
Indy enjoys her morning and evening walks. She is very good on a leash, with no pulling. She does not even try to chase the plethora of squirrels and bunnies we see on every one.  She has cautiously met a few dogs on her excursions and has even let a few strangers pet her.  When she is not walking she is enjoying playing with her doggie sibling, running and rolling around in the yard together while her 2 cat siblings look on in disdain.  (Truth be told, I caught one of the cats playing with Indy the other evening.  The cat will deny it, but I saw what I saw!)  As Indy is so sweet and gentle, she also gets along with children.
Indy is currently crated during the day and is comfortable in her crate.  She does stay out of her crate at night as she is fully housetrained but is sequestered to one room with her doggy foster sibling.  We found out she is even good at getting a bath in the tub as long as there is a peanut butter stuffed Kong in there with her.
In the evening, Indy loves to lay on the couch with her head in her persons lap while getting a tummy rub.
Indy would do best in a calm home where she can follow a routine to help her feel secure.  She would definitely do best with a doggy sibling to play with but one that is not dominant and enjoys gentle horseplay and running around.  Indy would not do well at a public leash free dog area as she can still be timid of people and new dogs.  She does have energy to burn though, so she would do best in a home with a fully fenced yard where she can run around worry free.  She is an absolute joy to have in my house but it is time for this girl to find her forever home.  Indy is ready to meet her new family and it will be one very lucky family!

Indy was lovingly fostered by Andrea