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Indee has been adopted!


Meet Indee (or as his foster mom likes to call him Indiana Jones)! Indee is a white lab mix with brown spots and a kissable pink nose! He is a year old but still very much a puppy at heart. He loves to play and he has lots of energy. He spends most of his day playing with his foster siblings and running around the backyard. He loves to be chased and is often picking up socks and carrying them off.

Don’t let his energy fool you, Indee is quite the cuddler and incredibly gentle. He loves attention and belly rubs and often nudges his humans with his nose to get more pets. He loves to be with people, but he also really enjoys his time with his foster siblings. He shows some interest in the cat, but he never chases her.

He is getting used to the crate and should be crated when left alone. He is good to roam free overnight. He does show signs of separation anxiety. Indee has a loud bark when he plays as well as when he tries to get your attention. He understands that sitting gets him a treat, but his foster mom is working on some basic commands. He comes when he is called, and is eager to obey.

Indee pulls on his leash, and will likely need additional training. A securely fenced yard to assist him with this would be best. An active family and/or a second high energy dog would be ideal for Indee.

Indee was lovingly fostered by Amber