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Ike has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle and Daniel in honour of each others’ birthday


Ike is a 9-10 year old male Chihuahua who weighs about 6 pounds. He was found covered in fleas and with a left eye that had ruptured. Once he came into rescue he was able to have surgical intervention and his left eye was removed immediately. Ike is healing wonderfully from the surgery! Ike loves going for short little strolls and he absolutely LOVES food, especially peanut butter! He will be quite vocal when he is hungry and when he thinks he’s about to get something to eat. He will let you know he’s ready for a meal or a snack.

He is mostly house trained but he is still having some accidents in the house. If he is taken out quite frequently then he does really well and he knows to go to the bathroom outside. He is not a fan of being crated and does have a little bit of separation anxiety. He will sometimes howl when he is left alone, but it is generally short lived. He does enjoy the sound of his own voice and will let you know if he sees something of interest outside.

Ike is being fostered with two bigger male dogs and he gets along wonderfully with them. They basically just coexist together. He has shown no interest in toys so either he has no idea what they are or it’s just never been something that he’s been into.

He’s not a kissy dog but he does enjoy cuddling on your lap and being close to you. He is also independent and will go and lay on one of the dog beds and entertain himself.

Ike does have a heart murmur and is currently on a few different medications for this. We are currently working through to see if we are able to stop one of his medications (water pill) but he will need to be on the other long term.

Ike has a grade 3 luxating patella on his back right leg, and odd front leg deformities but it does not seem to bother him at all. Ike does not have any teeth but he is still able to eat softened hard food.

He is a very sweet boy and any home would be lucky to have him quirks and all. Ike would be looking for a home with or without other animals as long as they are respectful preferably no small children because of his size. He would love to have a family that he can spend the majority of his time with.

Ike was lovingly fostered by Kate B.