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Hunter has been adopted.
Meet Hunter! This adorable 9 year old toy Pomeranian is an absolute joy to be around. He is extremely affectionate, adores his people and has a wonderful smile! Hunter has a great appetite, is not picky with food and is house-broken. Hunter can be crated for long periods of time and will not have any accidents in his crate as he understands it is his safe place to keep clean. It is clear to his foster parents that at one point in his life Hunter was a very cherished member of his home. (Much like he is in foster care!)

When Hunter arrived at the shelter from which we rescued him, his left eye was extremely damaged and he was blind in that eye. Because it was causing him much pain, we decided to remove it and he is feeling much better now! Hunter does not seem to be thwarted in any way by the loss of his eye as he was already used to his lack of sight. Since it’s removal, he does not seem to have any issues with depth perception and simply turns his head when needed. His foster mom would say that he has had no residual issues and Hunter functions as well as a dog with the use of both eyes. He has seen our vet since his arrival and his stitches are healing extremely well, without any complications.

Hunter is currently living with two other (standard sized) pomeranians and numerous cats. He has done very well with playing with the more active and playful of his canine brothers, Rex (formerly Tigger, a Save Me Rescue alum) and they can often be found sharing a bed, making out (hehe) and wrestling. With his other brother Buddy who needs more space, Hunter has picked up on this and does not seem to bother with him at all. That being said, if confronted in a grumbly manner, Hunter will not back down and while he isn’t aggressive in any way, he will stand up for himself.

With his feline siblings, Hunter is very much the same. Some of the cats in his foster home are very receptive to dogs and will also share a bed with him and snuggle when it’s time to go to sleep. With these cats, Hunter is fabulous! They will often sniff each other’s faces and bums, and he will not chase them.

However, one of the cats in the home can be known to swipe or paw at new dogs who enter, and Hunter again will stand up for himself. He will not harm or injure the cats in any way, but if swatted at will huff and puff (bark a tiny bark) and insight a very minor chase until the cat runs up onto some furniture. Hunter then does not seek the cat out, but happily returns to whatever it is that he was doing, feeling as though he did a job well done.

For this reason, his foster parents are crating him during the day with some toys and snacks and he does not mind at all! He simply nibbles on a pigs ear until he falls asleep and is very happy to see his family when they get home from work. Because Hunter is very little, he cannot jump onto the couches or bed on his own and needs assistance. That being said, he is very much able to jump down on his own and will not be left stranded. It should be noted that Hunter would rather be picked up under his stomach as opposed to under his armpits as it does seem to bother him.

At this time, Hunter has some minor hair loss due to his past neglect however is being given some virgin coconut oil and supplements as well as Omega 3 and regular brushing to promote hair growth. He arrived very dirty from the shelter but has since been given a beautiful groom with a medicated shampoo, and a nail trim; and did very well in the bathtub! (Note: he will not need to use medicated shampoo in the future, but can use oatmeal shampoo and conditioner to promote hair growth.) He did not fuss or fight at all but rather embraced the blow dryer as it was nice and toasty. For this reason, he also does not mind wearing a coat when going outdoors!

Hunter does very well in the car, choosing his passengers lap and does not move until he has arrived at his destination. He does very well on a leash and does not mind being carried. If he could, Hunter would spend his entire day snuggling with his humans on the couch! At night, Hunter seeks comfort and will often sleep on one of the few dog beds spread out throughout the home. On occasion, his foster mom has fallen asleep with Hunter on her own bed while watching a film and he slept all the way through until morning without making a peep.

Hunter is a true creature of comfort, will often seek out the most cozy place in the home and would do well in a home where he can spend his days snuggled up by a fireplace, reading a book and snacking on a cookie. He is the king of kisses, and will kiss just about any stranger he meets ever so delicately on their nose. (He also likes to a hump a leg or two, but we just call it being friendly!) He loves his walks but should be monitored in the yard as he is quite small and curious! He has just been given his new name so his recall is close to none, however will run back to his foster mom if she calls “come!”

Hunters foster family is completely smitten with the little man, and are sorely tempted to make him a permanent fixture to their home! This said, they are willing to give him a chance to move forward so that they may save the lives of other dogs in need. Because Hunter is older than 8 years old, he qualifies for a reduced adoption fee, however any amount surpassing $300 will be gladly accepted.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!