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Houlihan has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of sweet Poppy Morning from her former foster family. Although her life was much too short she knew what it was to be loved and cherished with her forever Mom.
Hi, I’m Houli! You’re gonna love me but are you up for the adventure? I love to race, chase and wrestle but my favourite thing in the whole wide world is jumping. I jump on command straight in the air and even into tall trees (cars stop, people stare; they can’t believe it!). I jump on playground equipment and all over. My foster mom says I need to learn a few more things for a Parkour Dog Title (that’s fancy talk for urban agility). Wanna teach me?

Houlihan is a super smart and super driven dog. She’ll run like the wind through the woods. When she sees something exciting she wants to charge right in. Squirrel friend? She’ll join them in the tree. She is treat motivated but especially motivated by moving. She’s learned lots of commands. And YES, she has springs for legs!!

She’s not 24 hours of rocket fuel though. When the fun is over, Houli loves to have a short wrestle or play for her kibble before settling for a nap. The snooze button is one of her very favourite things. She has great house manners. She’s good with dog-savvy cats and could benefit from a balanced canine playmate or two.

A little background; Originally from Kentucky, Houlihan was adopted and then returned to Save Me. She tested positive for heartworm and we’re very happy it was caught early. She has finished her treatment and we expect her to live the full happy life she deserves.

When Houlihan was returned to Save Me, she was pretty nervous. Being a smart girl, she applied her natural take-charge energy to keeping the scary bikes, dogs or people away. In foster she has learned lots of other new and fun jobs plus calm things like crating and making good choices. She is super comfortable with her people and has learned to greet new people on the street and dogs on trails.

Houli is hoping for activity, fun and structure in her new home. All members of her family will be comfortable around dogs and eager to continue her learning. They will advocate for her inside as well as out so she can continue her progress. There will be no walking with a full Timmies cup or checking your phone with this girl! Mindful, aware and working together is how she rolls.

Her foster mom is pretty excited to teach her new family all about Houli, her tricks, and how to be her best person. Houli is fostered in the KW area and wants a slow transition so family members should live close or enjoy long drives!

To learn more about Houlihan, watch this YouTube video:

Houlihan was lovingly fostered by Jayne