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Houlihan is available for adoption

Sponsored in loving memory of sweet Poppy Morning from her former foster family. Although her life was much too short she knew what it was to be loved and cherished with her forever Mom.

(Note from her foster mom: I love this girl to bits and you will too. She has been working really hard in foster for awhile now and she is super ready for her forever home.)

Houli is a pretty, athletic and super focused girl. Very smart too. The trick is getting her to focus on you – but she’s also becoming so excited about it that some times she does all the commands lol. She loves to jump – straight in the air! It’s her favourite command of all. She also loves spending time on a trail as well as running and playing hard with other dogs. Yes, she climbs trees too. Tall ones! Houli is a really brave girl who charges straight into life including all the scary stuff.

Originally from Kentucky, Houlihan was adopted into a family home but unfortunately returned. When Houlihan was welcomed back into rescue, we took her to the veterinarian for a thorough check-up, updated vaccines and a 4dx test, which showed positive for heartworm. She was treated using the “slow-kill” method (much easier on the dogs) and is now heartworm free. We expect her to live a long, happy, and active life. (In fact, she runs her healthy heart out every chance she gets!)

We are very grateful that Houlihan came back to us and we were able to catch the heartworm in its early stages. We are also happy we got the chance to teach Houli a calmer, gentler way of life…or we’re trying to lol.

You see, Houli had two great passions in life and she was very good at them. #1 chasing, barking, lunging at things that move. And #2 watching for things that move! Her forever family will be willing to work hard to gain her attention away from these *very fun* activities. Reactivity, of course, ALWAYS comes from fear. But Houli also wanted direction and a job. Being a smart girl, she developed a brilliant strategy that filled her needs and took care of the fear. She’d just scare everything away! Houli found this strategy suited her very well. In fact, she really didn’t want to give it up. With time and patience, Houlihan has been motivated to learn there is more to life; like sniffing and playing! Slowly, she is also learning life doesn’t have to be so scary.

Houli is now very calmly meeting people on the street and inside too (okay, not that many people inside but we know what works for her). This calm energy is exactly what this girl needs to practice. Bikes, dogs and other fast moving things are a work in progress. You know the dogs you meet who move off to the side and sit calmly while a distraction passes? Houli is just starting to be comfortable with this idea. Her foster mom is working with her on turning, commands, distance, treats & conditioning. So, her forever home will want to continue this work with the help of a trainer and her foster mom will help too.

In the house, Houli is an excellent snuggler and napper. Her favourite activity is cuddling after the snooze button! Her “brilliant strategy” of scaring things away works through windows too though so this is restricted for her comfort. She has an excellent “leave it’ and is pretty chill overall. After a walk, she loves a good zoomie or wrestle but quickly settles down. She enjoys her meals in Kongs, blankets, scatters and other toys. Houlihan does have separation anxiety, but it seems this is more FOMO (fear of missing out). Her foster mom will show her family the set-up that leaves Houli happily waiting at home with some enrichment treat toys or a treat scatter. She is not crated (except in the car). Over time, she is learning to watch her foster mom quietly from the front door for short periods.

Houli was also meant to be more ‘Princess’ than ‘Thrill Seeker’. She wears coats and sweaters in the cold (love those super cute accessories!) and wants water on hot summer walks.

This pretty girl wants a person or couple with some time to focus on their adorable new family member. Someone with previous dog experience, dedicated to continuing Houli’s education and providing regular rules and boundaries. Houli likes your company but we think it will be fine if you work outside the home. A quieter lifestyle but lots of activity; hiking, running and playing is this girls’ dream. A balanced dog, especially of a similar energy level would be great. She is gentle with her foster-cat but may chase so a dog-savvy cat with proper intros is best. A quiet neighbourhood (or the country) without a lot of bike or foot traffic and a fenced yard too please.

In her time in foster, Houlihan has spent a lot of time building skills and learning to work together. Transitioning everything she knows and building trust will take some time so applicants should live near the K-W area or enjoy (multiple) long drives.

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**Adoptions within the province of Ontario only