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Houlihan is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in loving memory of sweet Poppy Morning from her former foster family. Although her life was much too short she knew what it was to be loved and cherished with her forever Mom.

Houlihan, she prefers ‘Houli”, is a 3 year old lab/boxer mix who has come back to Save Me. Please read Houli’s details closely as she has specific needs. She has lost several homes in her short life so she is only interested in a home committed to meeting her needs and being a permanent and forever home.

Originally from Kentucky, Houli is a sweet dog who loves to cuddle. She is super chill in the house and loves her belly rubs. She spends hours on my lap and on the couch. She’ll sleep in late then come in for a cuddle so you can wake up slow as you like! Her former foster mom says she watched quietly out the window with her quiet dog pal until someone came to the door. But without calm redirection there will be no need for home alarms or doorbells. Her big bark will say it all lol.

To apply for Houlihan, you should be someone who enjoys the training process. It’s not that Houli’s not trustworthy. She is. It’s not that Houli doesn’t know her commands. She does! It’s that the outside world –including people coming in her home – is a lot to process. And, while squirrels are more of an avid hobby, bikes, dogs and foot traffic all moving is too much. She has been a people and dog greeter off leash in the past and takes direction well, so, with experienced leadership and structure to build her confidence there is great potential. She has made some good progress and her foster mom has good tips for managing her nervousness and fear.

Needs an experienced family. If you have worked with nervousness/fear in the past, that’s a plus! Houli is great with kids and very invested in the comfort of a baby she met. Calm, patient men who are committed to earning her love and trust (so worth it!) would be a welcome part of the family but Houli is more comfortable with women.

Sweet Houli needs a rural or quieter suburban home and a backyard without a view on the big wide world. A quieter, confident dog friend she could play with to her heart’s delight would be the icing on the cake! Dog savvy cat ok. Houli likes to run and she might enjoy some agility equipment if the yard is big enough. She is quick and balances well with a straight up high jump! #balancingdog!

When we welcomed Houlihan back into rescue, we took her to the veterinarian for a thorough check-up, to bring her up to date with vaccines, and to do a 4dx test. This revealed that Houlihan tested positive for heart worm and she has started her treatment to eradicate this illness, Houlihan will be on doxycycline for one month and a one year course of advantage-multi which is given once a month. This is is known as the “slow kill” method and it is a much easier course of treatment for Houlihan to go through. The rescue will be covering the cost of all medications needed as well as blood tests at the 6 month and 12 month mark. In most cases we will see a fainter positive at 6 months and a negative test at 12 months. If Houlihan needed any further medication past this point the rescue would cover that as well. If Houlihan’s adopter lives in reasonable proximity to one of the veterinarians that we work with we would ask that this be the clinic she sees for anything related to her heart worm diagnosis.

During this period, Houlihan can enjoy leashed walks and moderate activity. It is important that she does not engage in being run or boisterous play. This is most crucial between months 3-6 of treatment. Houlihan’s heart sounds fine and she is otherwise a very healthy girl. We are grateful that she came back to us and that this was caught in its earlier stages. We expect her to have a full recovery and go on to have the long, happy, and active life that she deserves,

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only