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Hoss has been adopted!

Sponsored by Darlene in memory of Clyde


I am a very well behaved boy and know to go outside to do my business once I know where I am supposed to go. Foster Mom says I am doing really well with this but doesn’t want to say housebroken just in case. I love my walks and walk pretty good most times on a very loose leash; I am always watching Foster Mom for cues. I really like being with Foster Mom, following her everywhere and when I can’t be with her I am very upset about it, I get quite vocal and pace. My foster family is trying to help me with this, but my new forever home will need to know that I will need to have some boundaries in place to help me not be so dependent on them being home all the time. I love my car rides; I will lay down or sit perfectly still looking out the window watching where we are going. I am pretty good at staying off the furniture and I sleep in the bedroom on my own bed. I sleep pretty good too, I snore but on the plus side I will let you sleep in if you need too. I have a big voice and will use it to let you know people are around and I get especially vocal when I see another dog on the street. I do get distracted by birds and squirrels, cats, people and other dogs so I am working on that, doing my best to not chase the birds or squirrels or lunge and bark at the other dogs. Small animals and I do not get along, there are rabbits and birds in my foster home and I really can’t help myself, I want to bark and chase them so badly, I am being taught “Leave it” but that is just so hard to do.

I had a dog foster sister in a previous foster home before moving to Canada so may enjoy the company of another dog but with the current restrictions here in Ontario, I have not been able to meet any other dogs, so Foster Mom is saying she isn’t sure if I will be good with another dog or not. I don’t mind the rain at all, puddles are fun so I get pretty dirty; a towel by the door to dry me off when we get in the house is nice, I don’t mind being toweled off. I know sit, lay down, down, and stay, leave it, and am very gentle about taking treats. I have stolen an entire blueberry turnover off the table and swallowed it in one gulp so you definitely have to make sure I can’t reach food because I am fast. I am a messy drinker and eater. If you don’t mind stepping in my puddles or sweeping up my crumbs, then we are off to a great start. Can you give a good back massage? I will sit with my back to you waiting patiently for you to scratch and massage my back. I also love it when you scratch my ears and rub my ears and play with my ears. I love a nice soft bed, the bigger and puffier the better and I love to chew so I have a bone that I like to chew and throw around. Tennis balls, and stuffed animals do not stand a chance, nor do your favourite slippers. Even though I love to play, I do like to have quiet time on my bed chewing my bones or just sleeping after having had a good play time. I am the best companion for those nights when you want to just watch TV, I will lay on my bed and entertain myself with my toys, or sleep.

Did I tell you how much I love playing with my ball? I will throw my bouncy toys around and chase them everywhere but especially love to get Foster Mom to throw the ball for me. When she asked me what kind of home I wanted, I told her I would love a house with a fenced back yard, someone who is home most of the time and who will want to throw toys around for me to fetch; I am not a candidate for apartment building/condominium type homes because I am a big boy and like to run around the house chasing balls and and I have a really big bark and I cry and howl too when I am sad about being left alone. I can go from calm to high energy chasing and playing with balls so a fenced backyard is really important; also before moving to Canada, I was happy to take myself for walks on my own, which Foster Mom says I cannot do anymore. I like to dig, it is so much fun, so playing with me keeps me from getting into things I shouldn’t. But if you want help to dig a hole, then I am your dog. I am pretty gentle with kids and I think a family with older kids, 8 and up would be best, but I don’t live with any kids right now so Foster Mom can’t say for sure that I am great with kids. Even though I am pretty gentle, when I get excited I can’t help myself and might knock over someone smaller than me. I also tend to step on foster Mom when she is fetching balls from under the sofa, I just want to help but I am heavy and Foster Mom says it’s not a good thing for me to be doing. I do have a tie out here in Norwich and I have gotten used to it but I can’t run around like I would like.

Foster Mom thinks I would become an even better dog if I was enrolled in training to help me with my barking and lunging at other dogs and to help set those boundaries that will keep me from getting too sad and nervous when you have to leave me at home alone.

Hoss was lovingly fostered by Debbie