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Honey is adopted!

Honey / Female / Shepherd Mix / 2-3 Years old / 80 pounds / Adoption Fee is $400.00

Here is Honey.  Honey is a dear shepherd  mix currently living in London Ontario.  Honey is a big dog, 80 pounds or so. She is a intelligent, thinking dog who wants to please.
Honey is longing to trust people, and if you gently show her she can trust, she will learn, and do her best to please.  Honey came from far northern Ontario, together with her puppies who are now grown and adopted.  Honey lived under a porch but did not have a family.  However, Honey does not show signs of having been abused.  She likes being petted, and especially likes treats from someone’s hands which she takes so very gently.    She listens when told no, but it is important to make the no gentle.
In typical smart shepherd fashion, Honey has decided that outside is the place for all washroom duties.  She will whine to be let out if she must go to the washroom.  She loves hearing praise for a job well done in this department!
Honey is not destructive, even when left on her own.  She is not a fan of crates, and they make her question her trust of people.  She will stay in a gated area.  She loves to be near her people, and is laying in the office happily while this bio is being written.
Honey gets along with her canine foster brother and sister, although she would be fine as an only dog.  Honey likes to play with her medium sized foster brother.
When Honey came to her foster home June 7, she had never walked on leash and would refuse to move in response to leash pressure.  But with the use of treats and praise, Honey now walks on leash right beside her foster mom.  She does not mind traffic or people, but will get excited and try to get off leash and chase  rabbits, and other dogs that seem like prey…she likely was good hunter in her previous life.  However, once she realizes she will not be chasing the dog, she accepts this quietly.
Honey has not done much riding in cars, so this is a new skill for her.  She now will get in the car for a hot dog treat and does not mind the door shut.  She would need to be securely tied into a car and taken fun places not far away so she learns that car rides are good and nothing to worry about.
Ultimately Honey needs a patient person to help her to learn and to develop.  A fenced yard is a bonus, but she does not want to stay out on her own, she likes to be near her people.
Honey is sweet as her name implies.  She longs to trust.  She is changing by leaps and bounds daily.  She needs a person who would never loose their patience with her because this would break her fragile, developing,  wonderful trust.
Honey is not spayed yet, but will be soon.  She is up to date on her medical needs and a healthy girl.  We think she is about 2 to 3 years old?
Come meet Honey.  She is looking for a patient leader with an interest in teaching Honey the skills of being a companion dog.  For instance she needs to work on recall, sit etc.  But Honey is very smart and learns quickly, it seems the sky is the limit for all she could learn with the right human teacher.
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