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Homie is adopted!

Sponsored by Glenn in loving memory of his sweet pup Eddy


Homie (now Toby) had our hearts the minute we got him home. As soon as we let him out of his transport crate, he crawled directly into our laps and tucked right in. He has fit in perfectly with us from day one. He is a professional snuggler who loves nothing more than hanging with his people and snoozing in his comfy dog bed while we work in our home offices. Outside, he is an energetic walker, and he has started playing fetch with his squeaky toys at home. While a little shy, he is working on getting over his fearfulness of strangers, and greeting people politely and gently. Everywhere we go, people fall in love and say they “want to take him home”. He is also building his confidence meeting new dogs of all sizes, passing loud trucks and staying in his crate while we are out. He doesn’t bark much at all. Aside from being understandably nervous his first night with us, he now sleeps quietly in his crate all night and gets up when we do. He has not had a single accident in the house. He is very polite when taking food and sits for his treats. He is basically the perfect dog! We love him to bits and feel so lucky to have him!

Homie was adopted by his foster family