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Holly has been adopted.


This truly stunning girl is such a gem! Holly is a huge fan of cuddling her people and loves attention. She is great with dogs and has been nothing but friendly to her canine house-mates, all of whom are under 10 lbs. Holly currently lives with 4 cats as well and ignores them completely, which is a huge feat for a hound! Way to go, Holly!

While she does not bark at all and is extremely quiet, Holly is very timid and a bit scared of noise in general. She can be crated alone for extended periods of time in her home without issue. Though she adores her people like crazy, she does not seem to be upset when they leave the house, which is fantastic.

Holly would benefit from some basic training as she is not used to being walked on a leash but she does adore her walks – which means that she always sleeps through the night. She is decent, however will pull a bit as she is a typical hound who loves to follow her nose. She is currently working on a sit command, and making some progress. Though she doesn’t ask to go out when she needs to potty, she does go to the back door to check it out, and has not had any accidents indoors.

A wonderful companion, Holly is extremely friendly and is looking for someone to commit some time to training her into the perfect dog. We have no doubts that she will carry this title one day! We would also encourage her family to help Holly gain about 5 lbs at this time, as she does appear to be mildly underweight. Holly is so easy to love and everyone who has met her has commented on what a good girl she is.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!