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Hewson has been adopted!

Sponsored and named in honour of Sierra Hewson, in appreciation for her dedication and contributions to Save Me over the years. With love from her Save Me family.



Hewson is a 14 week old poodle mix. He loves life and makes the most of every moment. He loves playing with his toys, chew bones, and trying to engage the other pets in the foster home in play. He loves to follow his foster mom around the house, loves exploring outside… he even loves the snow.

Hewson has made a remarkable recovery during his time in rescue. We were all so alarmed by his appearance when he first arrived and set out to do a number of diagnostics to determine the cause of his extreme skin issues. Tests have ruled out an auto-immune issue, fungal infections, mange, mites, and puppy strangles. His recent biopsies showed that Hewson has some still resolving inflammation as a result of a deep seated pyoderma. Simply put, Hewson had a bacterial infection that overwhelmed his immature system and as it was left untreated the result was the horrible condition he was in when he arrived. The infection also affected his eyes and that too has improved greatly. Hewson was treated with both oral and topical antibiotics and responded beautifully. His hair is growing in and his skin looks healthy and as it should. At this time, Hewson remains on eye drops for 2 more weeks. He will be finishing his oral antibiotics on January 30th. Hewson no longer requires the topical medications that helped his skin heal so well. The expectation is for Hewson to completely recover and that there will not be any residual effects.

Hewson does have a prominent overbite which will be less noticeable once his fur all grows in. He is able to eat with no issues but he does have some difficulty in picking up small items. Depending on how his adult teeth grow in, it is possible that he might need some extractions to compensate for misalignment and to prevent any injury to the roof of his mouth.

Hewson is not fully house trained, but he’s getting there! He knows to do his business outside, but he forgets when he’s running and playing inside sometimes. Regular trips to the yard will continue his progress. He is crate trained and keeps his crate clean overnight.

Like all puppies, he explores with his mouth. Likes to pick things up, pull things, chew things, so it will be important to puppy proof and keep an eye on him as he learns what is his and what is not. Hewson responds best to calm and consistent responses from his foster mom, he will do best with positive reinforcement training. He does great on a leash and makes a fan hiking partner, already at his young age!

He tackles everything with a huge amount of puppy excitement. He will make a great family member for an active couple who is home most of the time. He is going to be a big boy with lots of energy that will require regular exercise and mentally stimulating tasks and games.

Hewson was lovingly fostered by Colleen