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Hewson is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored and named in honour of Sierra Hewson, in appreciation for her dedication and contributions to Save Me over the years. With love from her Save Me family.


Hewson arrived in our care in mid December. He was surrendered by a breeder due to medical conditions. Hewson’s face was covered in scabbing and sores, he had no hair on his face or ears. The cause is still unknown, but we have most of the skin issues cleared up and fur is slowly beginning to grow in. Due to his young age, we need to wait several weeks to do a biopsy to try and get some answer to help determine what was wrong with this young pup. It is very possible, that we may never know.. but we are going to try our best so that his future adopter will have an understanding for his future health.

Hewson is a very smart boy, very determined and strong willed. He loves to play, he’s already learned fetch! He does get carried away with biting sometimes, as most puppies do, but that will change as he learns the dos and don’t of life. He is being foster with other dogs, they are taking on the role of siblings to him so he is learning his social skills from them. He’s growing so quickly and each days seems to learn something new. He understands that we do our bathroom business outside, but doesn’t quite get why we don’t do it inside…but he’ll get there! He is already walking well on leash, starts off a little hesitant but once he gets going he follows along so well! His tail is always wagging and he knows his name and happily comes running when you call.

Hewson will not be available for adoption for several more weeks, until we investigate his health issues a little further. Until then you are welcome to follow along with his journey on our social media pages. Huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation towards his care, it’s been very much appreciated.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only