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Hersey is adopted!

Hersey / Female / Chocolate Lab / 10 years old / 80 pounds / Adoption Fee is $300.00

Meet Hershey. The big, calm, bundle of chocolate love. She is currently in our “In Rehab” section as we sort out her health issues. She saw the vet this week for bloodwork, x-rays and a general check up. Here is the report: “Hershey’s blood work came back looking very good. No red flags or worries. Overall her urinalysis looked good – her concentration is normal. There are signs of a low grade infection and antibiotics were prescribed for this. The vet feels her bladder dribble is due to her age and a hormonal issue and you should see improvement in this with the medication she started last week. Hershey was sedated for X-rays and given morphine so they could do a thorough exam. Her knees are good. Unfortunately her hips are very bad. Even while sedated and on morphine she was having pain response when they tried to extend her hips and legs. Hershey has very bad arthritis in both hips and it does appear that she has an old fracture in the left hip. They would like to try and manage this medically and has started Hershey on deramaxx and she will most likely need this type of medication for the long term (metacam can also be used). She would also benefit from joint supplements. Hershey was given a cartrophen injection today and will need one a week for the following 3 weeks. She should thereafter have an injection monthly.”

We are also treating Hershey for an ear infection which is cleaning nicely but she probably has some hearing loss. She does not respond to loud noises. She comes when she feels our feet stomp on the floor. She was in terrible shape when she arrived. She obviously has had trauma in her past and suffered from neglect.

Today is a different story though. Hershey has felt the sunshine warm her bones from a cozy bed. The wind blows through her fur and she happily meets people on her daily strolls. She is loved and loves back. She has a skip in her. She rolls on her back for belly rubs. She even goes to the toy box and picks out a stuffed dog to toss around once in awhile.

She is housetrained but because her bladder is weak she would love to be let outside every 4-5 hours or so. She goes all night without asking to go out but the blanket in her bed often is damp with dribbles by morning. We are cutting back on her water in the evening and she is currently on some meds which is helping strengthen her bladder.

Because of the arthritis in her hind legs so she is slow to get moving but once is up, she loves going for walks and moves quite well. She stands by her leash a few times a day trying to tell us she wants to get out and get some exercise. She is truly amazing to walk. She enjoys strolling the neighborhood and meeting the children as they are heading to school. She nods politely as she passes other dogs but does not care to stop and sniff. She prefers playing with her human companion. She knows how to sit, stay and shake a paw. We are reinforcing these commands using hand signals and she is catching on beautifully. Such a smart girl.

Hershey is just as sweet as the chocolate she is named after. She loves people. Gets along with the other dogs and the cat. Her nose works perfectly and she will always comes out to the kitchen when she smells food cooking. She wants nothing more out of life than to nap on the couch, go out for a stroll and stay close to her human. She is even great in the car. A pleasure to have around. Although Hershey is good with everybody, I feel that she is past little children. She is looking for her retirement home now where things are calm, comfortable and slow. If you would like Hershey to retire in your home, contact her foster mom Angie at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while For more information on Hersey, please contact her foster mom Angie at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!