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Hercules has been adopted!


Sponsored by Ev H. with thanks to Carol & Keith for taking such good care of her rescue girls while she was away.


After two months in our rehab program Hercules is now ready for adoption. This boy will need a special home, one who is experienced and confident working with the chihuahua breed.
Typical to the breed, Herc tends to bond with one person and his bond is to that one person incredibly strong. He prefers women over men and would do best in a home with a single female. Being Herc’s “person” is a special privilege, and with only his person is he able to let his guard down to show you his hilarious personality. With his person he is cuddly, goofy, affectionate and loyal but he will need a home who understands his mistrust of others.
Herc has made tons of progress in foster care but there are certain aspects of his personality which will always remain, one of which is his fear of new people. In our home we have created a safe space in our living room for him and he knows that when we have people over if he feels scared he can go there and no one will bother him. We have found that as long as our guests just ignore him he is quite content to just sit in his bed keeping an eye on us all.
After his person, Herc’s second love in life are his stuffies. He loves nothing more then to pile them all into his bed and to crawl into the middle and nap. Its one of his most adorable traits!
Herc does very well with cats and other dogs and has lived with both before. Currently he lives with two large dogs, on occasion he will pretend to be tough and growl at them when they get near one of his toys but they do not take his 6 pound presence very seriously and he knows that. We have brought a few dogs into our home while Herc has been with us, and as long as they respect his space everyone co-exists beautifully.
One of Herc’s greatest skills is the fact that he is 100% housetrained, even these -20 temps don’t stop him. He politely goes to the door and scratches to let you know he would like to go out. He is in and out in record time but we like to joke he is the only chihuahua in the world who is 100% housetrained.
When Herc came into our care his blood work showed some elevated liver values. We completed a dental and put him on a liver supplement and 30 days later his blood work showed normal levels. We would like him to remain on his liver supplement moving forward which will cost his future owners approximately $15 a month.
Herc is going to be a very hard one to let go of, he has a way of wiggling into your heart with his adorable face and hilarious antics. We are confident however, that there is a home out there who will love his chihuahua sass as much as we do.
Herc was lovingly fostered by Courtney and Kendra