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Henry has been adopted!

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Meet Henry!!!

This 3 year old beagle mix came to us timid, scared and unsure as he was just taken away from all of his 10 brothers/sisters. It took him a few days to warm up and is now letting us see the amazing little guy he is. It didn’t take long for him to join in with his foster brothers/sister to greet us at the door , give us lots of kisses and show us how excited he was to have us home.

He seems to be fully house trained , does good on a leash walk , can climb stairs, but does not know all of his commands. Since being with us he has learned to sit, gentle while taking treats , his name, come, off and we will keep working with him until he find his forever home. We do crate him over night ( although not needed if  you are going to want him to sleep with you) and settles quickly for the night.  He seems okay in the car, just nervous as he has had a lot of change in the last little bit. He is a quiet boy who only barks when his foster sister start barking.

His start of life was not so great, he was removed from a hording situation and was found very skinny and dehydrated. With the love and help of the shelter staff he bounce back to a normal, healthy pup however loves to counter surf for food. He has not shown an signs of food aggression towards our dogs , us or children which is an amazing sign given what he has been through!

He has a very calm loving temperament toward us giving us lots of kisses and cuddles , and  also loves to play with other dogs , so a house with another dog would be great but not required. We have not yet seen him play with any toys but I’m sure that will come with time. He wants to please his human and is really good with all size dogs , and does not even notice the cats. He is gentle with small children and is doing great adapting to this new life.

Henry was lovingly fostered by Yola