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Heidi has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sheila with the hope and belief that all dogs should be as loved as her beautiful sweet Agnes


Meet Heidi, the lovebug! Heidi loves to be around her people and will follow them everywhere. Heidi is a cute and unique looking Shih Tzu mix. She is all black except a little white under her chin.

Heidi doesn’t appear to know any commands and could benefit from some basic obedience like recall, sit and stay. She is a well-mannered girl who has not shown any bad habits yet, like barking. Even when her foster siblings like to bark when people come home, Heidi likes to just look and observe. She is the strong silent type! This could change though as she becomes more comfortable in her home.

Heidi came into rescue a little on the thin side with a little dry skin but with some good food, she will be good in no time.

Heidi is an active girl with lots of energy to burn. She loves to walk and walks very well on leash. She really does enjoy her daily walks and loves running around in the backyard any chance she gets. Her forever home would need to have a fully fenced and secure backyard so she can run and play like she so enjoys. She would also love a family that will play with her as she still has lots of puppy in her. If there is another pet in the home, that would be great, as she loves to sit right next to her foster dog siblings! She loves them. She loves her foster dog siblings!

Heidi may not have had the best life before coming into rescue but it hasn’t got her down. She is one special girl who is so happy and loves to be around her people. Her tail never stops wagging and wags 100 miles per minute! Her favourite spot to nap is right beside her foster mom (especially after a nice walk).


Heidi was lovingly fostered by Uyen