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Heaven is adopted

Heaven/ Female/ Boarder Collie mx/ 11 months old/ IN REHAB!


Meet Heaven!! She will be ready to go to her forever home at the beginning of March, once here puppies have been adopted.

She’s is from Webequie, Ontario, which is located about 9 hours north of North Bay. She lived on the reserve as an outside dog and is very much used to living in very cold temperatures and roaming free.

We do know that Heaven is just over 11 months old, as her mom was part of a spay/neuter clinic last March, when Heaven was only 2 weeks old. Heaven became a mom herself at the age of roughly 10 months old and came into our rescue as the proud mom of 4 beautiful girls.

Having never lived inside a home, Heaven’s foster parents are amazed at her ability to adjust and learn very quickly. In the first two weeks she has learned to sit both verbally and with hand signal, knows her manners at meal times and sits patiently while her dish is being made up, knows that she must be in her crate to eat. She will recall to her name at lightening speeds if there is a reward to be had! She has learned that the kitchen counter is no place for dogs (searching for food) and also learned that brushing and grooming is something to be enjoyed. She knows the word "off", and is learning to stay not jump up on furniture. Knows the word "no" now as well. Amazingly, she is house trained now too!

She will require guidance and training to keep her on the right track, but she is such a fast learner and very food motivated. She is an amazing jumper too, baby-gates are no match for her. She is a very trainable and very smart dog.

She does require a good amount of mental and physical stimulation. Her idea home would be one with a family who is active and will take her hiking and walking. She would benefit from a family who will work with her brain power by teaching her to work for treats and give her instruction. She thrives on followings commands and trying to guess what you want her to do next.

She’s gentle, loving and still very puppy like. She loves her belly rubbed & scratched. She loves to run! She enjoys being with her people, very much companion and protector.

Heaven is under-weight so we have her on a high calorie diet currently, hoping to put some weight on her. She’s healthy, just thin from life outdoors and nursing her puppies.

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Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!