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Save Me Rescue remembers Hazel.


Dear Save Me,
On December 21st, I held my sweet Hazel as she crossed the rainbow bridge with the help of the wonderful staff at Sims dog Hospital. She deteriorated quickly and in the end no amount of medicine or love could ‘fix’ the tole time had taken on her little body and the liver that was giving out on her.
You granted me the honour of being her mother November 1st 2015 and my only regret is that my time with her was so short. In the year we were together, Hazel learned what it was to be a dog. She roamed many a back yards, romped through dog parks, and strolled along waterfronts. She made friends big and small and her feline brother, Orion, misses her terribly.
She also learned what it was to be loved by a family. She slept snuggled under blankets in bed with me, had an assortment of beds to choose from, treats to try, and spa days at the grooming salon.
I cannot begin to thank you, Save Me, for allowing her into my life, for trusting me to care for her in her golden years. She was a beautiful soul who loved completely and was happiest with her family. While I am heartbroken by her loss, I am a better person for having crossed her path and I am blessed to have a plethora of joyful memories to look back on.
It is because of Hazel I will always open my humble home to senior dogs. Despite the pain of her loss, I know with all my heart that she was so happy and so grateful for the simple pleasures we offered her. When the hurt lessens, and I can look back fondly on all our time together with fewer tears, I will honour her memory by bringing another senior pooch into my life. I hope, when that time comes that you will grant me your trust again, Save Me Rescue.
I write this, not to sadden or depress anyone during the holidays, but to offer my most sincerest thanks to this wonderful rescue. Thank you for taking a chance on dogs like her every day and for going above and beyond for them. Thank you for the long hours you all must work and all you devote to your wards.
And thank you for giving me my friend, my shadow, my Hazelnut.
Much love,
Shelby (Mom)