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Harvest has been adopted!


Harvest is an 8 week old female lab mix who weights approximately 10 lbs.

She is a true cuddle bug who wants nothing more than to be held and loved. She loves to wrestle mostly with her sister. Harvest is very calm and very observant of things going on around her and is eager to learn. Harvest is like the middle child, she is not bossy, but not a pushover either. She is very sure of herself and is not afraid of anything. She loves other dogs and will play with anyone that will play with her. She has learned quickly her place in the pack which shows her intelligence level at such a young age. She is not cat tested but likes foster moms ducks (if she likes ducks, she will love cats…who wouldn’t?).

Harvest is in the process of being crate trained and potty trained. She comes when called and follows the pack on walks. She has her burst of energy and then needs to nap (she is still a baby). Harvest has sharp little baby teeth and she may at this time be best suited with a family that has older children. Harvest can be a little brat, but she can also be the most zen puppy ever. She loves to run and play. Simply put, Harvest is a happy go lucky puppy that will make an awesome loyal dog, not to mention she is the cutest little thing ever!