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Harrison has been adopted!

Sponsored by Michelle in loving memory of her father Frank, and with love to those he held dearest to his heart, his wife Dorothy, his son Andrew and daughter-in-law Niky.



Meet the very handsome Harrison. His beautiful colouring and quiet demeanour make for quite the special boy.

He can be a bit head shy and hesitant when meeting new people, but now that he is comfortable in his foster home, he has shown he is a great cuddler. A home with no kids or older dog savvy kids would be best because he is a bit on the shy side.

Harrison is housetrained, does well if crated and knows some basic commands like sit and stay. He does need a secure yard if out or kept on leash. Overall he recalls pretty well while out in the yard. Harrison is food motivated so it should make it easier to strengthen his recall and learn new commands and tricks. His love of food also makes him prone to counter surfing so his family will need to keep and eye on him and work with him on this.

Harrison is great on leash and enjoys going on walks but also loves afternoon naps. He has been pretty quiet since arriving into foster care which makes us believe he would do well in a many living spaces including a condo, townhouse, etc. Harrison has also done well with other dogs and cats but would also be okay as the only pet.

Prior to arriving to his foster home, Harrison tested positive for heart worm and finished his heart worm treatment. Subsequent to finishing treatment we keep dogs on a specific heart worm preventative for a full year regardless of the season. Save Me provides the first six months after finishing treatment and any remaining months will be given to Harrison’s forever family.

Overall Harrison is a pretty laid back dog that can be a bit shy but makes a great cuddle buddy and walking partner.

Harrison was lovingly fostered by Deb