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Harriet is adopted!

Harriet / Female / Spayed / Beagle Mix / 5 years old / 25 lbs / Adoption Fee is $400.00


Harriet is a sweet, quiet little girl that is full of affection. She seems to love nothing more than to be with you, on your lap if possible! Harriet warmed up to us almost instantly, and fits in well with both our dogs (one large, one small) and our two cats.

She doesn’t seem to know any tricks or commands, but she will tap dance for you as you’re getting her food ready. For the most part, she’s quiet, relaxed and cuddly, but we have heard the odd little rumble from her if a cat or our scrappy little dog takes her by surprise, but that quickly subsides as we let her know that she’s safe and there’s no need to act tough.

She is very comfortable in the car and is great with just a seat belt tether. She simply snuggles in with her chin on the arm rest and settles in for the ride, happy to be with you. On walks, she tugs a bit on her leash, but is otherwise a good walker (which is good, because she’s a chunky little monkey!). She is in need of a good dental cleaning and we need to rule out food allergies (as she chews at her feet fairly frequently), but she otherwise appears to be in good health.

Harriet would be a lovely addition for those looking for a cuddly companion dog who will give her the love and attention she needs. And, who are willing to take her for lots of walks to help her with her new year’s resolution! We have yet to see her around small children, but think she would be good with children that are kind, gentle, and respectful.

For more information on her, please contact her foster mom Erica at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!