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Harriet has been adopted!

Sponsored by June, in celebration of Aiden and Ryan’s for their Birthday!


Meet Harriet!

This lovely lady has beagle colouring and her face is very beagle like except for her half-cocked ears which are probably a result of the mix of the two breeds.  She does seem to have a beagle nose which she loves to explore with but her apparent herding dog background keeps her focused on her human companion so she doesn’t let her nose lead her astray.

In the short time Harriet has been with us she has provided me with a very real life lesson. Enjoy life when you can.  Unfortunately she has experienced some traumatic times in her life.  We don’t know why she ended up in the animal shelter but it seems obvious that there was once someone very special in her life.  She is very comfortable living in our home and has excellent manners.   She is clean, quiet, and respectful of others’ space. She is also good with kids.

If you can get her attention she will come to you but her hearing loss means she has to see you to know you want her to come. She has suffered a flea infestation, which left her with an allergic dermatitis. She also has age related arthritis. The fleas are gone now and she is currently being treated for her allergic reaction which unfortunately, has left her with a shaved patch on her back.  This doesn’t detract from her sweet face though.

Despite all this, she remains sweet, loving and joyful.  What a wonderful sight to see her happy awkward skip and play bow while romping with our other dogs.  This girl always seems to have a smile on her face.

Providing a home for an older dog that has lost their human companion is such a rewarding experience.  By providing a loving home for older pets you reward them for their years of love and loyalty and you probably honour one of a fellow animal lovers greatest desires – to continue to provide love and care for their long-time friend.

Harriett was lovingly fostered by Heather