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Harley has been adopted!

The beautiful puppies are sponsored in loving memory of our beautiful aunt, Gwen Willms 💐




Hi future family,

My name is Harley and I am a 14 week old puppy. My birthday is approx. March 20th 2022. Thank you for stopping by to look at my page!

Wondering what I am, well mom was part husky and dad- well lets just say I’m not sure . My mom was about 50lbs so I should be around that.

In Northern Ontario where I come from the main dogs breeds up there are Husky, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees and Labrador, however based on my looks I do think I look a lot like a beautiful German Shepherd with a husky coat.

I have been with my foster family since I was 6 weeks old and they have taught me so much!

I can make potty outside, and I try really hard not to make accidents in the house, but sometimes I might slip up. I’m still a baby and learning more and more everyday.

My foster mom has taught me to sit, give me paw, drop it. I’ve ALMOST nailed them all!
She is working on lay down , and leave it now and I will get it because I am super smart.

I have been to the vet 2 time and they checked me all over, fed me lots of treat and then pricked me with this sharp thing. Foster mom called it vaccines! I also over heard her telling everyone I am SUPER HEALTHY.

My foster family has 3 dogs and 2 cat and I get along with all the dogs. I do like to play chase the cats, and sometimes can get a little rough, but I only mean well. Foster mom is working hard to correct this and make me understand to be nicer.

I am looking for a home with another medium to large dog as I love playing with my foster brothers and sisters, however a home where being the only dog might be okay but I would need a lot of play time, attention and walks. I would also like it if someone worked from home, as this is what I am used to. Because I am a good girl by foster family does not Crete me when they go out for a few hours, but not sure what I would do left home alone all day by myself.

Foster mom walks me and I am getting better and better every time, I like to follow by big foster brother and copy him, he helps me learn.

I also have two younger children who live with me 8 & 11 . I am really good with them as well, they LOVE to snuggle and pet me.

My typical day:
Wake up: 6:00 am
Potty time!
Breakfast : 6:30 am
Potty time!
Take a nap with mom: 6:40am ( or should I say Mom went back to sleep on the couch and I am playing with my toys like a good girl)
My nap time : 8:00am
Wake up ; 9-10am
Potty Time!
Play time 10 -12:00
Lunch Time: 12:00
Potty Time!!
Nap time : 12: 30
Wake up : 1:30-2
Potty Time!!
Pick up kids from school: 3:00pm Walk time!
Nap time :4:00 pm
Potty time!
Play time : 6:00 pm
Dinner: 8:00 pm
Potty Time!
Bed Time :10-11pm

I am sweet and kind and affectionate girl.

I am very well socialized, however do not love the car so much, mom has been bringing me in the car every day since I was 8 weeks old so I would get use to it. When I am in the back with my Foster kids I am okay, but I don’t like being alone. When I am alone, I usually cry a little. I think with more and more practice I will get use to it!

If you would like to know any more please contact my foster mom she is really nice.

If I sound like a good fit for your family please submit an application!
Speak Soon! Harley