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Save Me Remembers Harley

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On December 29, 2019, Save Me received the sad news that Harley had passed. The following is from his loving foster mom.

“Sad day today. My precious little Harley “G-man” crossed the bridge today. He was pulled to go to Save Me Rescue in Canada back in late summer. I took him to get him vetted only to find out he was in late stage kidney failure. Therefore, he was unable to get the required neuter surgery and the vet didn’t feel it was safe for him to travel as well. Long story short, he was doing well at the time, so he came to live his final days out with me. The doc gave him 3 weeks to a month, love kept him around a little longer than that, he was with me for 5 months. He acted like his old self yesterday, ate fine and was the perfect old grouch, he loved to growl. He would growl over everything including love and affection. It was just his way, hence the name G-Man, short for grouchy old man. Today, he had 2 seizures and rapidly declined from that point. So, I had to make that hard decision and ease his pain. I loved him and will miss him dearly. Until we meet again …”

Thank you Sue for letting Harley into your heart and home. He passed loved and wanted.