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Hannah has been adopted!

Hannah has been sponsored by Heather B. in memory of her beloved Buster.


Welcome to Save Me Hannah!! This little doll is as sweet as she looks. She loves hugs, kisses and cuddles all day long. Despite needing some physical TLC as her skin (hair loss) and ears get back to a healthy state, her personality is just darling. She doesn’t seem scared or bothered by anyone or anything. She gets along very well with all new people that she meets as well as all dogs that she currently lives with and meets on walks. She has had a bladder infection so it’s been difficult to say whether she is fully housetrained is not, she goes outside very nicely but her family will need to ensure they continue with housetraining techniques.
She does very well in her crate when left alone but will bark a few times when you come home because she is just that excited to see her human. This lovebug would do amazing in most homes as all she wants is love and a lap to cuddle up on.

Hannah was lovingly fostered by Paulina