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Hank has been adopted!


Sponsored by Janet A., in celebration of her sweet Kelly’s 5th Adoption Anniversary


Hank is a gentle soul, click HERE to see him on our Instagram

Meet Hank! This sweet guy is a true gentleman. Loves everyone and will greet you with excited barks and a wagging tail. Hank is a low energy kinda guy who would love nothing more than a lap to curl up on and endless pets and belly scratches. He will let you know if you have stopped these actions prematurely by gentle pawing at your hand and soulful stares into your eyes hypnotizing you into more.
He gets along well with his foster brother dogs and cats. His perfect home would have another gentle buddy to play with or could be quite happy with all the attention.
Hank does have hair loss due to an allergy in the hind end but is being treated and doing wonderful.
Hank had a check up, blood work and dental.  His blood work was amazing and all within normal ranges.  It is discovered though he does have a Grade 2-3 heart murmur.  At this time it is not affecting his health and can be just monitored as he gets older.  His teeth are all pearly white and in great shape now that the tartar has been removed.  This little love bug is ready to find his Valentine!
Hank was lovingly fostered by April