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Hank has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Oliver



Hank is a deeply loving and trusting boy who is looking to start his new life in his new home! Hank is very relaxed , a little goofy and gets along well with other dogs (and cats in the shelter and in his transport). He doing an excellent job on his house training and will continue to do well with a routine schedule and lots of love. Hank is working on feeling comfortable eliminating on walks, but will do so in a designated yard. Hank is quiet and is not reactive or aggressive with toys, food, animals, or people.

Hank is enjoying city life and is learning to get excited about his toys which keep him occupied. Hank walks well on a shortened traffic leash and will stick by your side faithfully without pulling. Hank adores children and I will sit patiently when passing them on the street in the hopes they will pet him. Hank could do well in a family environment or an environment with other animals.

Hank is food motivated and working on learning his commands is a fun game for him that he never gets tired of. Hank loves attention and loves nothing more than to have your love and cuddle, as he likes to be close with his people. Whoever becomes Hank’s new family will be so lucky to have a loving, loyal, kind and bright boy like Hank!

Hank was lovingly fostered by Natalie