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Hammy is adopted

Hammy / Male / Pug / 8 year old / 30 pounds

Hammy’s pull fee was sponsored by Ilona T., in honour of her teacher Ms. Molloy.


This adorable smushy faced guy wants to steal your heart! He will idolize you and you will be his whole world, and all you have to do is love him in return.
Hammy was an owner surrender following an unfortunately family breakdown. He was loved and cared for by his owners all his life and he’s not quite sure what has happened, where they went, or what he’s doing here. He’s been pretty stressed and we are hoping to find him a good home before he bonds too strongly to his foster family.
He’s a sweet guy that he is house trained and knows his name pretty well. At this point, he’s having some separation issues, and while that’s typical of the pug breed, we’re not sure how much of it is due to the upheaval in his life.
He does follow his foster mom around and seems to fear loosing sight of her.
He has been slightly jealous when it comes to sharing attention with his furry foster siblings, so we think a home where he is the only dog or a home with a large (small dog friendly) dog who won’t compete as much for his owners lap and attention.
Hammy does have some vision issues, common with the breed. He has pigmentary keratopathy which is the cause of his vision issues. Sammy seems to have very little vision, but it is not completely gone as he does manage stairs easily and is able to spot toys on the floor. Our vet suggests that he is also developing dry eye and he is on drops to help with both. The drops are about $50 a month and should be factored into the decision to adopt as they will be done for always. It would be advised that Hammy’s eyes be checked on from time to time as well. So an adopter would need to be understanding of the vision loss and be comfortable giving drops.
We are looking for a calm family, some pug experience would be great as well, as Hammy seems to be as typical as can be. He will nend someone to who can include Hammy in most of their activities as he truly just wants to be by your side as much as possible. He is crated during the work day and seems to settle in quickly once the routine is established, but does bark/cry initially, so an apartment or condo wouldn’t be his ideal home. Experience with separation anxiety would be useful, to help correct it and keep him emotionally balanced.
Hammy is a wonderful, adorable, puggy ball of fur! He’s lovable and a great companion dog. His ideal home would be someone who works from home or is allowed to take a dog to work with them, someone who can spend a fair amount of time with him and doesn’t mind having a little shadow at their feet