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Hal has been adopted!

Hal / Male / Lab-Boxer Mix / 1  1/2 yrs old / Adoption Fee: $400.00


Hal is a Beautiful Boxer cross, and typical of the Boxer Breed, he has a “full of beans” personality!

He gets so excited but will sit immediately to gain your praise, attention and affection. He will become one of your family members overnight with unwavering loyalty. He looks at you with his soulful eyes making you wonder “What’s going on in that mind of his”?! He is intelligent and needs constant stimulation, so an active lifestyle with lots of learning opportunities will keep him growing and evolving into a superior companion dog!

Hal is still a little nervous but doesn’t take long to warm up to you and doesn’t show a particular fear but just unsure of new surroundings. He seems to explore and learn very quickly that the situation or person is safe and his friendly personality comes out within minutes. He is very much a puppy, loves to run and play with other dogs though will look to you for approval and come running when he is called. His propensity for chewing manifests itself when he’s bored. A chew toy that’s durable and tasty will keep this little guy occupied so a big Kong toy or a tasty bone is a must! He is crate trained and will go right in but the chew toys helps to keep him occupied for hours.

He is house trained! He’s loves his food but needs to be with everyone else to eat or else he will leave it. He has very good house manners and will stay when asked. Hal has basic training; sit, down, stay, come, no. We are working on “positive reinforcement” training and he responds immediately to a high value treat or praise. He is looking to you for approval so a lot of praise goes a long way with Hal. His self-control is very good and he will wait for your signal that all is “a GO”. He is learning to walk on leash and doing well and would be a great candidate at the dog park….his recall is good though he is very busy and there are so many things to see and explore!